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Intolerance  The Trilogy

The provocative work of multi-award-winning animator Phil Mulloy stands as a model of satiric grotesque unparalleled in British animation.

Colour - 50 mins - 2003

A film reel is found, showing the life of aliens: the Zogs. These are in many ways similar to humans, except that the head and genitals are “in the wrong place”. The audience that discovers the film is outraged by the existence of such scandalous beings and demands the extermination of the inhabitants of the planet Zog.
Only Dwight Hokum knows that the Zogs have already invaded the land. He alone can save the planet.
Two thousand years later the fleet of spaceships that left the earth still scour the universe in search of the planet Zog. The crew is divided between those who believe in the existence of the Zogs and those who reject it. In this bitter struggle between the two camps, Adam and Eva Hokum are determined to find happiness together. Will planet Zog be a paradise for them?

"It is a rare artist who can profoundly analyse the hopes, fears and anxieties of a civilisation in crisis, but Phil Mulloy has acieved this with his brilliantly subversive satire. A prescient and viscerally emotional film, unflinching in its examination of the more sinister motives of our times".

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Tampere Festival Jury

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